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Aug 21, Microsoft's Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac takes their popular.

Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 review

The keyboard has a unique visual design with silver and translucent keys. Mac Store. Last Viewed Items. Apr 17, However, advanced features may only be available on certain models the users select their keyboard's type inside the program to access that keyboard type's specific button selection.

Microsoft Wireless entertainment Desktop 7000

Supported keyboards Note: Version 8. Room design layout hotel easy software programs for mac. As even adapters can't assist, [ ] Microsoft keeps version 7.

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Home Contact. Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard Drivers For Mac January 7 Whether Macs are the best computers for web development is up for debate, but one thing can be agreed upon — there are some great software apps for web development on a Mac. Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard Drivers For Mac Download IntelliType supports all known Microsoft keyboards including those that are shipped as parts of desktop sets, as well as entertainment keyboards — i.

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Out of respect for the person who gave me the gift, I have not returned it. But I have replaced it with a new Logitech MX No backlit keyboard, but the quality of the Logitech product makes this MS keyboard really shine like the trash it is. Do yourself a favor and avoid this MS product I had been using a mouse and a separate keyboard, now i just simply have the laptop on my desk and my keyboard on my lap as i sit in my lounge chair and complete anything i want to do that day and not be bothered with all the various cords and attachments getting tangled with one another.

The battery charge lasts almost a week on a full charge, recharges quickly, and is great for the environment instead of discarding all those batteries. The keyboard takes a little getting used to as the keys shrink toward the periphery and are larger than normal toward the center, but the more i use it, the more i can see why it works as well as it does. Very think and sleek with a rechargeable laser mouse that also works well for me. If you're looking for less wires and a good quality product, i've had this for almost 2 months now and love it.

Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 700 Keyboard and Mouse

If it were back illuminated it would have five stars plus! I too found it difficult to sync with my bluetooth but I have a "star" usb that has five extra dongles so I use theirs I have already rebooted my machine an HP Pavilion tx 6 times this morning, and it's not yet 10A; I've spent at least an hour a day for the last 2 weeks trying to resolve why I am having such frequent lock-ups, most of which require an unsafe shutdown.

The most annoying is the regularly occurring "stuck keys," where you're typing along, and all of a sudden, you type a letter and then it just keeps on typing, over and over, on every screen you go to, Word document, Excel spread, even password screens. But, if you use your computer as a media center it is entirely worth the cost. I've had this set for nearly a year now and it has become indispensable. Looking back at other reviews, I vaguely recall the need to adjust to the curved design in the beginning, but I constantly change back and forth between my laptop which couldn't get flatter and the wireless keyboard with no trouble.

The battery life is really awesome. The set does take up one more slot of the precious surge protector, but I see that as a perk.

Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard… - Apple Community

I like that I can charge the peripherals when the PC is off; usually if the computer is on, the keyboard isn't close enough to be plugged in and charging. Media center controls are located on the left hand side of the keyboard which is a Godsend when your watching a download or streaming video; you never know when the volume will spike without warning and it's nice to have the controls handy.

The back lighting is nice if a little eerie and will sense you from a few inches away. The mouse tends to eat batteries a little faster, but I've still only had it get finicky a handful of times since I've owned it. The mouse has nice extra side buttons which default function as a browser back button left and a magnification right. You might be surprised at the applications which will accept the command from the back button. It is definitely not limited to your web browser.

Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 7000 Drivers For Mac Pro

I've seen other reviews mention awkward placement of the buttons, but the only issue I've ever had is occasionally tapping the magnifier when I first go to pick up the mouse. My boyfriend has reportedly similar experiences. One of the factors in any mouse purchase at our house is the size of the buttons since he has fairly large hands and I have rather small ones.

It is very nice to find a mouse and keyboard the accommodates both of us. The install was fairly painless for us, but you will have to spend a few minutes on it. Just follow the directions, and account for set up.

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Of course the software offers you the opportunity to program additional hot keys and again, it's a pretty painless process. All in all a very satisfactory purchase. It's worth the expense if you want any serious mobility with your input devices. Initially, I seemed to have trouble with battery life on the keyboard, but I found that if I reduce the brightness of the illumination, the battery life is much better. Keyboard has a nice feel to it when typing. If I were to change anything, it would be the slight curve..

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I don't like it, but I'll get used to it. I also think a darker color.. The mouse is very nice. Responsive, smooth scrolling and nice shape which can be used in either hand. I agree with others who have pointed out that the construction of the keyboard seems "light". I previously had a Logitech DiNovo, and the construction of that was really tough. I hope this system lasts as long or longer. I also like that the batteries provided are something I'll be able to replace easily once they don't hold a charge.